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Choosing A Professional Roofer

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How To Stop Black Mold Streaks From Forming On Your Home's Roof

You may notice black streaking on your home's roof over the years. This discoloration is not because of normal wear and tear, but actually from mildew and mold growth. If you let the streaks remain as is, the mold problem will only get worse. Here is how you can remove and prevent the mold streaks from forming on the roof.

Removing Black Mold Streaks

You can use a homemade cleaning solution to remove any existing black mold streaks on the roof. You will need the following tools and materials to do it, all of which can be purchased from your local home improvement store.

  • Warm water
  • Bleach
  • Garden hose
  • Hose spray nozzle
  • Spray bottle

It also helps to wear safety goggles and gloves to have proper protection from any bleach that could come in contact with your skin.

You can make the cleaning solution by adding the following amounts in your spray bottle:

  • Bleach – 1 part
  • Water – 4 parts

Climb up to your roof, and soak the area where streaking is occurring. It will need to soak for about 1 hour. The cleaning solution should kill any mildew and mold on the roof, but won't degrade any of the shingles. Rinse off the excess cleaning solution using your garden hose and spray nozzle. If the streaking has not gone away, repeat the process again.

Preventing Black Mold Streaks

You'll need to stop the growth of mold to prevent the streaking from happening again. Unfortunately, it is not practical to apply a cleaning solution every time the mold starts to show.

A great solution is to install mold killing zinc strips on your roof. The rain will wash over the strip, and take tiny pieces of zinc with it over the shingles. The zinc is actually toxic to the mildew and mold on your roof, and prevents its growth.

Zinc strips can be installed on your own using a hammer and some roofing nails. The strip rolls across the horizontal surface of the room, and is secured with roofing nails every foot. If your chimney or another structure blocks the flow of water after washing over the zinc strip, install another strip on the opposite side to ensure the zinc is covering the roof.

Does any of this seem too complicated for you to do on your own? Contract a professional roofer in your area that can help you remove and prevent mold streaks.