Choosing A Professional Roofer

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Choosing A Professional Roofer

After I nearly fell off of my roof, I realized that it might be in my best interest to work with a professional roofer instead. I had already purchased all of the shingles that I needed, so I tried to find a company that could use the things that I already had. I was able to find an incredible roofing company that would only charge me for labor, and it was a serious life-saver. In addition to being familiar with working on roofs, my roofing company also completed the job in a jiffy. This website is filled with articles that might help you to understand roofing a little better, so that you can work with the right expert.

Want Your Roof to Last Longer? How to Easily Extend the Life of Your Roof

Your roof can last far longer than you think. It's easy to shorten the lifespan of your roof because of neglect. However, it's also possible to actually extend the life of your roof. Here's a few simple ways for you to add life to your old or new roof.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Various things can work to destroy the integrity and longevity of your roof. Leaves can collect water, which can turn into mold and rot. They can also create a bed for weeds to grow on your roof. Other debris, such as bird droppings, insect nests, and branches can also create damage to your roof over time. Keeping your roof clean of leaves and debris will extend its life.

How to Clean Your Roof

Make use of a telescoping pole with a brush to reach your roof and sweep off debris. You can also use a hose to wash your roof down. A hose can help for tough-to-remove piles of debris. You can also purchase a dedicated roof rake.

You should never attempt to climb on top of your roof to clean it unless you're absolutely sure you know how to do it safely. If you cannot reach your roof with any tools, then contact a professional roofing contractor to clean it for you.

Pay Close Attention to Your Trees

Some of the debris that accumulates on your roof will most likely come from nearby trees. Having trees too close to your home creates potential hazards. Branches can grow close to your roof and start to damage shingles. Even gentle swaying can cause abrasion that will ruin a part of your roof.

Tree branches can also give many types of insects easy access to your roof. They can start to build nests or chew at your roofing material. All of these things will lower the lifespan of your roof. In addition, a storm can cause a branch or even an entire part of the tree to severely damage your roof.

How to Deal With Trees Too Close to the Roof

Make sure to trim the branches closest to your home. You may need a professional roofer or tree trimmer to ascertain if the tree itself poses a hazard by sitting too close to the house. You may need to relocate the whole tree, or remove it.

If the tree is on your neighbor's property, you may have the right to trim branches back to the property line. Laws concerning this can vary from place to place, so check your local ordinances on the subject.

What Else You Can Do Extend the Life of Your Roof

There's many more things you can do to keep your roof in good condition.

  • Keep your gutters clean and maintained
  • Don't wait to make repairs
  • Have your roof inspected by a roofing contractor
  • Have your roof inspected by a roofing contractor after any severe storm

You can combine many of these things. For example, you can have a roofing contractor like Melton Industries LLC both inspect and clean your roof and gutters in one visit. No matter what, pay attention to your roof. Even a little attention from you will serve to extend its life.