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Choosing A Professional Roofer

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Four Roofing Trends To Consider As You Plan For A New Roof

Since most roofs last at least 20 years, and often longer, roof replacement is not something most homeowners go through very often. Chances are that a lot has changed since the last time you put a new roof on your home. So, if the time has come for roof replacement, you'll want to learn a bit about the latest trends in roofing so you can decide which are best suited for your needs. Here's a look at four key roofing trends to consider as you plan for a new roof.

Architectural Shingles

Until a few decades ago, almost all shingles were of the three-tab variety. If you look at this style of shingle, it has three equally sized tabs across its bottom. Today, though three-tab shingles are still available, most homeowners are opting instead for architectural shingles. This style of shingles features multiple overlapping tabs of various sizes. 

Why are architectural shingles a good choice? In addition to being stylish, they also shed water better than three-tab shingles due to their overlapped design. For this reason, they tend to last longer than three-tab shingles. Typical three-tab shingles last about 20 years, whereas architectural asphalt shingles have an average life expectancy of 30 years. You'll pay a little more for architectural shingles, but you'll get at least another 10 years out of your roof!

Metal Roofing

Years ago, you'd only see metal roofs on barns and outbuildings. They had a cheap, metallic look and made a lot of noise as rain fell on them. Today, however, you'll notice metal roofs on an increasing number of homes. Modern metal roofs are usually painted an attractive color, like dark green or brown, rather than being left an unfinished metallic shade. Plus, a lot of insulation is placed beneath them to keep them quiet in the wind and rain.

Metal roofs are becoming popular because they are so energy efficient in the summer months. They reflect a lot of sunlight, which keeps air conditioning bills lower. They are also good at shedding snow, since they get slippery when wet, so homeowners don't have to worry about ice formations working their way under roofing and leading to rot.

Cool Roofs

If you live in a hot climate and you're really into saving energy and building sustainably, then you may want to look into the cool roof trend. This trend involves using highly reflective materials, such as metal covered in a special, reflective paint, to construct a roof. The resulting roof reflects even more sunlight than a standard metal roof. It also reflects heat back towards the outdoors, keeping your home cooler inside. There are also cool shingles, which are shingles made in a light color and with reflective, metallic granules. 

Solar Shingles

For the most high-tech, eco-friendly homeowners, there are solar shingles. This new innovation is quickly replacing solar panels as the rooftop energy generator of choice. Solar shingles look very similar to regular shingles, though they are less textured and a bit shinier. They each contain a solar cell that captures energy from sunlight and converts it to electricity to be used in your home.

Solar shingles work best in areas where it's sunny year-round. They can be expensive and intricate to install, and you need to find a roofing company that has experience working with them. However, if you can manage to find a roofing contractor and have them installed properly, they are a very good investment since they will save you countless dollars on electricity costs.

To learn more about these and other new roofing trends, talk to a roofing company in your local area.