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Choosing A Professional Roofer

After I nearly fell off of my roof, I realized that it might be in my best interest to work with a professional roofer instead. I had already purchased all of the shingles that I needed, so I tried to find a company that could use the things that I already had. I was able to find an incredible roofing company that would only charge me for labor, and it was a serious life-saver. In addition to being familiar with working on roofs, my roofing company also completed the job in a jiffy. This website is filled with articles that might help you to understand roofing a little better, so that you can work with the right expert.

3 Tips To Repairing Small Roof Leaks Caused By Heavy Rains And High Winds

The storms that pass through your area can cause a lot of damage. The storm damage to your roof may not be severe yet, but overlooking small damage and leaks can become serious. It is important to have roof damage inspected and repair any small leaks before they turn into serious problems. Here are a few tips that will help you find the storm damage and do the needed repairs to your home:

1. Hail Damage Causing Leaks Due to Pitting and Wear

Sometimes, hail damage can cause leaks, and may only be in isolated areas of your roof. You will want to get on your roof or have a professional roofer inspect the roof for signs of damage on the roof. You want to look for pitting in the shingles, as well as signs of damage to boots on the roof, which metal mechanical boots will show up damage more than other materials. The newer plastic and rubber mechanical boots are more durable and usually do not get too damaged by light hail storms.

2. Wind Damage That May Be Difficult to Spot on Roofs

When you think about wind damage to your roof, you may think about shingles being completely blown off your roof. Sometimes, the damage from wind is a little less noticeable. Wind damage may only be a small tear or a shingle that has been worked loose. The small tears and loose shingles can be some of the worst storm damage problems because they often go unnoticed and unrepaired.

3. Other Wear and Leaks That Only Get Worse When Storms Come Through

There are also specific problems with wear and leaks that only get worse when storms come through. During heavy rains, areas of your roof that get the most water will get excessive where, such as in valleys or against walls with flashing. In these problem areas of your roof, you will want to inspect for signs of damage and wear. Look for problems like shingles coming loose and wear of the granules on the surface of shingles. When having repairs done to these areas, talk with the roofer about putting a reinforcement beneath the shingles that are more likely to cause problems with leaks.

These are a few tips to help you with the repairs that you need after storms cause leaks on your roof. Contact a professional roofing contractor to help with repairs and inspection of your home if you think the roof has been damaged during a storm.