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Choosing A Professional Roofer

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Avoid Winter Roofing Woes

The performance and integrity of your home's roofing system plays a critical role in determining how much moisture can infiltrate your home's building envelope. Quality roofing systems need to be properly maintained in order to prevent serious damage. Winter can present a unique challenge for roofing systems, since this season is often associated with increase moisture in the form of snow, sleet, and hail.

Proper maintenance during the winter is vital to your home's roof. Here are three simple things that you can do prepare your roof for cold weather in order to avoid common roofing woes next winter.

1. Check your vents.

Believe it or not, you actually want your home's roof to stay cool during the winter. If a roof gets too warm, snow and ice will begin to melt and create serious problems like ice dams and clogged gutters.

Your roof is equipped with a series of vents that allow moist, warm air to escape from your home's attic. These vents also let cool air in to prevent the attic space from becoming too hot. Be sure that you take the time to check your roof's vents for signs of damage, animal nests, or other clogs that could compromise their performance during the coming winter.

2. Install new insulation in your attic.

Your home's attic plays a central role in the performance of your roofing system during the winter months. Insulation in the attic helps to prevent heat transfer from your home into the attic where this heat can cause your home's roof to become too hot.

Improper insulation could result in attic condensation, which has the potential to wreak havoc on the structural stability of your home. Be sure that you take the time to check your attic for proper insulation to maximize your roof's performance before winter sets in.

3. Invest in underlayment.

Your roofing contractor can evaluate your home's roof to determine where the roofing system is vulnerable to excess water runoff. It's inevitable that snow and ice will melt throughout the winter, and the increased moisture levels associated with this runoff could saturate your home's roofing materials.

The addition of an underlayment, which is a waterproof material that provides additional protection against leaks, can help you preserve your roof's integrity. Underlayment is typically installed along the edge of a roof, in flat areas, and along seams where your roofing materials may be most vulnerable to water penetration.

Keeping your roof working properly throughout the winter months requires that you invest some time and effort into routine maintenance. Check your roof vents, evaluate your attic's insulation, and have a contractor, such as from Todd Harkleroad Roofing Inc. , install underlayment to maximize your roof's durability next winter.