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Choosing A Professional Roofer

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Storm Just Pass Through? Tips For Performing A Safe Roof Inspection

Harsh weather conditions can often cause damage to your home's roof. Unfortunately, inspecting a roof after a storm is not always easy. You may be tempted to climb up onto the roof to get a closer look, but that is only because you are not aware of safer ways to do it. Here are 3 tips for performing a safe inspection of your roof.

Look From the Ground

You will be surprised at just how much damage you can see from the ground. For starters, you'll easily be able to see big problem like missing shingles immediately, and at that point, you are better off immediately getting a roofer out to your home to fix the problem. Save yourself the trouble and do not even bother getting the ladder out for a closer inspection.

However, there are other things that you can look for during a visual inspection from the ground. See if you notice any type of bowing in the roof. The roof should never bow inward, which is a sign that you have major structural damage to your roof.

Get Out The Binoculars

Damage caused by a storm might not be immediately obvious if you're looking with just your eyes. Get out binoculars and see if you can get a close look at the finer details of your roof.

One thing you can see with binoculars is pitting caused by hail damage. Sometime the hail can leave a visible indentation when the size of the hail is large enough to cause damage. Pitting may also cause the shingles to look darker in places due to the slight indentation of the roofing material. It is also possible that the hail has caused damage to asphalt shingles by knocking off the small granules that give the material protection.

Binoculars are also great for looking at flashing, since you will be able to see if any of the flashing is cracked or damaged from afar.

Look With A Drone

Do you have access to a drone? These handy devices can allow you to fly around your roof for an inspection without even leaving the ground. Not only does this make perfect sense to use drones for this purpose, but know that professional roofers use drones in the same way. In addition, the video captured by a drone can be saved for insurance purposes if there was ever a doubt about the damage that was caused to your roof..

For additional information, contact a roofer who specializes in hail damage roof repair.