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Choosing A Professional Roofer

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Three Common Types Of Damage That Are Done To A Home When A Hurricane Passes By It

After a hurricane passes by your home, there is extensive damage that may be done to your house. It is important to have the house inspected right away to see what damage has been done so that it can be repaired right away. The guide that follows walks you through some of the damage that may be done to your home when a hurricane passes by it.

Shattered Windows

The strong winds of a hurricane can often cause windows to break by turning things into projectiles that fly through the air and into the windows. If any of the windows on your home were damaged by the hurricane, consider having impact resistant windows installed to replace them. The impact resistant windows will be able to withstand a projectile when a hurricane occurs in the future.

Lost Shingles

Many people notice that the shingles come loose from their roof when high winds start to kick up from a hurricane. A roofer will need to inspect your roof to see if the only issue that needs to be addressed is replacing shingles or if you have other damage that has been done to the roof, as well. If no other damage has been caused, consider having new high-wind shingles placed on your roof. The high-wind shingles are attached to your home at multiple points to ensure that they are secure and made to be more durable than traditional shingles so that they can withstand the high winds.

Chimney Damage

The strong winds and heavy rain that often comes with a hurricane can cause damage to a chimney. There are many times when the ground under a chimney can become overly saturated during a hurricane and cause it to start to pull away from the house. When this happens, the chimney can start to crack and crumble. It will need to be inspected and secured to the house before it can be used again in the future.

When a hurricane passes by, it is best to have a whole home inspection done. This will ensure that all electrical components are working properly, that no siding is missing from the house, and that any other issues can be found and repaired before they become major issues in the future. Look for a company that can take care of many different aspects of theexterior storm damage so that you do not have to work with multiple people when trying to get your home repaired.